"Unlock Your Judo Game By Learning The Most Important Judo Skill Ever From An Olympian, World-Class Judo Player, And The Man Who Is Known As
the Best Grip Fighting Instructor In The World"

Hi, I’m 2004 Olympian, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Here’s my story…

I started my journey in judo at the young age of seven, back in the early 80s.

I joined a free after-school judo program in Miami and discovered that I truly loved it.

I kept at it and found myself becoming more and more confident. That is until my parents decided to move to another city when I turned eleven.
Unfortunately, there were no decent judo programs in my area, and my parents couldn’t afford private lessons, so my judo career was essentially over before it really got started.
Oddly enough, I didn’t get back into judo until I graduated from college in the late-90s. Though I totally enjoyed getting back into it and found myself intrigued by competition-level judo, I also realized something…

I knew absolutely NOTHING about competition-level judo.

I didn’t even have any clue of where to start!

My knowledge, tools, resources, and budget were all incredibly limited. But even worse, I didn't even know what I didn't know…. If that makes any sense at all.

I was literally walking in the dark when it came to becoming familiar with the world of competitive judo.

Then I watched Jimmy Pedro win the Olympic bronze medal in Atlanta in 1996.

That moment changed everything for me.


I realized right then that I truly wanted to represent my country in the Olympics. It was actually the first time I ever found myself inspired to do anything in my life.

Oddly enough, when I told my mom that I was going to the Olympics, she just said..

“Okay, honey.”

I even thought I saw her roll her eyes.

Looking back, though, despite her somewhat patronizing reaction, I can genuinely get how ridiculous I must have sounded.
Especially since I have seen people watch the Olympics too, only to listen to them say that they were going to start training the next day and make the next Olympic team a few years down the road.

And sure, that sounded just as insane to me too!

See, it's really is crazy since the time window to actually get good enough at a sport to make the Olympic team is incredibly tiny.

And yes, for most people who dare venture to do it, it ends up being a colossal waste of time and money. And it's no secret that only a tiny percentage of athletes who train for the Olympics ever get close to making the cut.

Learning isn't enough. Practice isn't enough. You have to know precisely how to spend your limited time. If your training and progress aren't perfect, you're just not going to make it.

And I can honestly tell you that despite my commitment, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to make it.

I wasn’t afraid of hard work, but I also knew that
hard work alone wasn’t going to be enough.

I needed to be doing all of the right things in order to ensure my success.
Not knowing how to do that hurt my odds, which were already against me. I needed to train efficiently, effectively, and progressively.

And because of my somewhat advanced age with starting judo over again in my early 20s, time was definitely NOT on my side.

That was my biggest fear, to be honest. That I just was not going to make it or acquire the right skills in enough time.

I was afraid of not being able to catch up to the rest of the competitive judo world, where most athletes start their serious training when they are young.

I didn’t have the time advantage of repetitive practice, and if you know anything about martial arts, you know that element is critical.

The rest of the judo world had been doing far more throws, pins and repetitions than I had been, that was for sure.

If I was going to make it to the Olympic Trials, I was going to have to find a way to "cut the line," so to speak. I was going to have to shortcut the established and conventional process.

The ironic part is that I didn’t believe it was even possible. But the fact of the matter was that….. I had no other option.

Because again... TIME WASN’T ON MY SIDE!  

So I had to figure out how I can start winning immediately. And not necessarily do it in the most conventional way.
Now, before I continue, let me just say one thing…

If you enjoy losing and getting your butt kicked in competition and practice then, you should probably stop reading at this point.


This is ONLY for those people who want to win and KNOW there’s a way to win that they just haven’t been fully exposed to. And they understand that once they learn what they need to know…. Their game will skyrocket.

So if that’s you, keep reading. If not, I understand.

Anyway, back to my story…

So I remember sitting down after practice one day while I was training with none other than the great Jimmy Pedro.

As I was peeling the tape off my hands and wrists, I asked him…

“Jimmy, how does your body feel? Because I’m hurting.”

He dryly answered back, “Yeah, I don’t feel too great. But then again, I’m not falling as much as you are.”

When he said that, it occurred to me…

“Damn, he’s right.”

Fast forward a few years (and a few thousand dollars later),
to when I ultimately discover what I desperately needed to know...

And that would be the THREE critical things that EVERY judo competitor needs to have to succeed at ANY level.
It doesn’t matter if they are competing locally, nationally or internationally, it’s all the same. If you don’t have these elements down pat, you’re screwed.

Those are:

      1. Top-level Fitness
      2. Superior Newaza
      3. Masterful Grip Fighting Technique

So with that revelation, I laser-focused my practice and routines on those three elements.

Six years later, I found myself winning a medal at the Pan-American Championships in Venezuela in 2004.

I took myself from a total nobody to a world class competitor in about half the time that most competitors train for.

And now, I want to share all that I learned with you!

See, grip fighting is an incredibly complex aspect of judo training.
It's incredibly difficult for athletes to understand fully, let alone master.

What’s worse, is that there is such BAD advice, misinformation and poor training for it in the marketplace, especially online.

In my experience, most people who teach grip fighting tips and tactics don’t entirely understand it themselves.

It requires a system. A proven method with its own set of rules, guidelines, approaches, and everything else that’s needed.

It also has to be easy to learn and master, and that’s the tricky part!

Understand one thing….

Before I started mastering grip fighting techniques, I was literally a human sparring dummy.

I may have well just stayed on my back the whole time. I was donating my body to other competitors who were advancing at my expense.

When I first got on the competitive judo circuit, I was quickly labeled an "F.R.C."

That stands for "First Round Clown." That's what other competitors labeled guys like me who would never advance past the first round, in every competition we signed up for.

It was embarrassing as hell, that’s for sure. And there was more than one time when I was just ready to throw in the towel on my judo career.

Mastering grip fighting technique  
changed EVERYTHING for me.

While I can laugh about all of my misadventures now, I also find myself wishing I had figured it out sooner.
See, I wasted a lot of TIME and money over several years. Because I didn’t have a system.

But it wasn't only MY hard-earned money, it was also money from my friends and family who supported and believed in me too!

It pained me to have to always go back to them to tell them how I didn’t advance yet again…

How I fizzled out in the first round, yet again…

How I got cheated out of crucial points to advance, yet again…

That’s right, sometimes I resorted to lying because I was just plain embarrassed to admit that I was outclassed yet again. Because I didn’t have a system.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have saved myself YEARS of time, money, and humiliation.

So trust me when I tell you…

Mastering those three elements I listed above made all the difference, especially grip fighting!
So how did I get to achieving medal-class competition after six years of struggling?

I became a relentless student.

I studied all of the greats.

I watched and re-watched videos and studied the techniques and executions with a magnifying glass.

I came to understand the level of precision being used by the champions.

I also figured how critical a competitor’s grip fighting game factored in various divisions and weight classes over the entire spectrum of competitive levels.

I studied all of the essential rules, as well as the exceptions to those very same rules!

Not too long ago, I asked myself a fundamental question…

“If I could go back in time, where would I start my grip-fighting training?”
It was right then that I decided to develop my specialized training course.

And now, I’m proud to introduce you to...
The High-Level Basics of Grip Fighting
Since 2017, The High Level Basics Of Grip Fighting has helped over 1,700 coaches, athletes, parents, and referees around the world improve their judo skills.  
In creating The High-Level Basics of Grip Fighting, my goal was to ensure that you have the tools and training to understand the essentials of grip fighting, the way I WISH THAT I HAD!
I’m proud to say that over 1,700 judo enthusiasts have elevated their competitive level with this training to date!

Here’s the thing…

Grip fighting is rarely understood. Though it’s frequently covered by instructors and discussed heavily among athletes and coaches, there’s still a lot of mystery to the concept.

Much of what is taught during lower-level training works to a point, sure.

But it also usually ends up with an athlete finding themselves stuck.

Simply because they can’t advance their grip fighting skills any further.

Why is that?

Because they didn't learn a stable, progressive system from the very beginning!

While you may understand gripping well enough to do randori and even compete, effectively, it’s just not enough!

Rest assured that there’s an essential element missing from your training regimen.
And if you don't change your grip fighting techniques, your development will be stunted, now and in the future!

For those of you that think that you know
all you need to know about grip fighting technique…..
I've got news for you!

I’ve heard that a lot of times. Mostly from students who thought the same thing.

However, after just one or two sessions with me, they come to understand just how LITTLE they actually knew about it.

My goal is to ensure that you master grip fighting, so you can take your abilities to entirely new levels!

Here’s all that you get with The High-Level Basics Of Grip Fighting Course.

      1. The High-Level Basics of Grip Fighting Membership Site ($497.00 Value)
                a. 7 Video Modules
                b. 7 Audio Modules
                c. 7 Transcription PDFs of each Module (so that you can take notes)

      2. The Secret To Making Yourself More Coachable ($147.00 Value)
                a. The PDF Guide
                b. The Increasing Your Coachability MP3

      3. The Fool-Proof Tips To Doubling Your Grip Fighting Confidence ($147.00 Value)
                a. The PDF Guide
                b. The Grip Fighting Confidence Coaching MP3

That’s $791.00 worth of value.

Now, rest assured that if you were to pay a high level judo instructor for this incredibly in-depth training, you could easily spend as much as a $1000 or more (if they could teach it to you).

In fact, I charge and get $2500.00 to work with individual students on a one-to-one basis!

And while I am absolutely confident that a price of $791.00 for this course is an absolute steal, I’m not going to charge even that much.

My goal is to put this essential training into the hands of as many aspiring judo competitors as I can.

And, do it regardless of how much or how little money they have!

So, I’m not even going to charge $791. I’m not even going to charge $497 either.

In fact, I’m not going to charge $197 or even $97

Here’s the Deal….If you take advantage of this offer right now, you can get your hands on
The High-Level Basics of Grip Fighting for the incredibly low price of only…


Take your competitive judo to entirely new levels...
...for less than the cost of dinner for two at your favorite restaurant!

Consider this…

If The High-Level Basics of Grip Fighting doesn’t help you improve your competitive fighting skills, or if you just plain decide that you don’t like it for any reason, you’re covered.

Just request a refund within 90 days, and
you’ll get every penny of your money back.

NO questions asked!

I’ll even let you keep the course. Gift it to someone who may benefit from it, whatever you want!

Will some people abuse this generous policy? Absolutely!

But I firmly believe that there are a lot more honest people in the world than dishonest ones, so I’ll take my chances.

If my training helps someone advance their competitive skills, even if they ended up getting it for free, I’m perfectly fine with that!

If, you have already purchased a previous edition of this training?

Invest in this heavily-upgraded edition, there’s a ton of value packed in it!

This training is also designed for different ways that people learn.

Some people learn visually, some learn by listening, and others learn by reading.

So, I've packaged the information in the course in video, audio, and text format, so you can utilize the medium that works best for you!

If you’re to add an entirely new dimension to your judo competitive skills,
order The High-Level Basics of Grip Fighting NOW.

Remember, there’s absolutely NO RISK!

Get It Today For Only $47
What You Will Learn In The High Level Basics Of Grip Fighting:
Secret #1: Where Your Hands Need To Be and WHY!!!!!

Secret #2: How To Establish, Get, And Maintain Sleeve Control
Secret #3: Know When To Attack And Most Importantly, When NOT To Attack!
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