Unleash Your Grip Fighting Mastery:
Introducing "The Catch Grip Fighting System"

Master the Art of Unbreakable Grips, Tactical Domination, and Devastating Attacks with the Ultimate Grip Fighting Program

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Are you tired of struggling with weak grips that hold you back from dominating your opponents on the mat?
Do you long to establish unbreakable grips, execute flawless attacks, and achieve grip fighting mastery?
Look no further— "The Catch" Gripping Series is here to revolutionize your grip fighting game and unlock your true potential.

Discover the closely guarded techniques and strategies to establish grips that your opponents simply cannot break. With "The Catch" Gripping Series, weak grips will become a distant memory as you develop a grip that instills fear in your opponents and gives you the ultimate advantage on the mat.

Gain a deep understanding of grip fighting tactics and insights that will elevate your strategic prowess. "The Catch" will teach you how to read your opponent's grips, exploit weaknesses, and launch precise attacks that catch them off guard. Get ready to dominate every gripping exchange with your newfound tactical advantage.

Learn how to seamlessly transition from gripping to executing devastating attacks. With "The Catch" Gripping Series, you'll acquire the skills and techniques to deliver powerful throws and submissions that leave your opponents stunned and defeated. Prepare to take your offensive game to new heights and become an unstoppable force on the mat.

Develop the warrior's mindset necessary to succeed in grip fighting. "The Catch" Gripping Series will help you overcome doubts and fears, allowing you to step onto the mat with unshakable confidence. Build mental toughness and perform at your best, no matter the circumstances. Believe in yourself and watch your grip fighting skills soar.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what fellow grip fighters are saying about
"The Catch Grip Fighting System"

"Dr. Ferguson teaches very well and provides great critique."

- Rhadi Ferguson, Jr 

"Experience the best! Master grip control, unlock potential."

- Makai Mason (Green Belt Judoka)


- Carter Mason (Blue Belt Judoka)

"Elevating precision, unmatched training. Valuable catch sequence tools."

- Ahlias Mason

"Endless growth, highly recommended."

- Jackson Morales, (Orange-Green Belt Judoka)

"....transformative coaching."

- Makena Webb (Blue Belt Judoka)

"Brilliance unleashed, solidified game plans. Unmissable opportunity."

- Matthew Arellano (Black Belt Judoka)

".... brilliant insight."

- Mitchell Lambert (Orange Belt Judo & Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu)

Meet Dr. Rhadi Ferguson The Creator Of The Grip Fighting Academy
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson stands as an exceptional figure in the world of judo grip fighting, earning the well-deserved reputation as the best coach of our time. With a deep-rooted passion for the sport and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. Ferguson has revolutionized the art of grip fighting through his profound knowledge and unparalleled coaching methodologies. As a highly accomplished judoka himself, he brings a wealth of firsthand experience to his coaching, having competed at the highest levels and achieved numerous accolades, including representing the United States in the Olympic Games.

With an astute understanding of the intricacies of grip fighting, Dr. Ferguson combines technical expertise with an innate ability to connect with his students, fostering a learning environment that is both supportive and challenging. His coaching style is characterized by his keen attention to detail, meticulously breaking down each aspect of grip fighting and imparting his wisdom to his athletes. Beyond the technical aspects, Dr. Ferguson instills in his students a mindset of resilience, determination, and strategic thinking, equipping them not only with superior grip fighting skills but also with the mental fortitude to overcome any obstacle on the mat.

Today, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson stands as a pillar of excellence in the judo community, recognized as the foremost authority in grip fighting coaching education. His passion for the sport, combined with his relentless pursuit of mastery, has shaped countless judoka into formidable competitors. Driven by a desire to see his students reach their full potential, he continues to inspire and empower aspiring athletes, leaving an indelible mark on the world of judo grip fighting and ensuring his legacy as one of the best tactical and strategic judo coaches of our time.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the coming of his new product, "The Catch Grip Fighting System."