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  • How to put the "extra" into your life so that you can be "extra"-ordinary
  • A powerful lesson that I learned about success from my Olympic Teammate Venus Williams
  • How to take responsibility for your life and make things happen
  • ​Understanding When You Reach The Point Where You Need To STOP Helping People And Help Yourself... (this chapter is called, "When Helping You Is Killing Me." It is spectacular and eye-opening.)

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In a world where mediocrity has become the norm and in many ways "acceptable", it is refreshing to see, experience, and read a book that refuses to accept normalcy. Pushing, kicking, and fighting in order to do better, be better, and get better is what this book is all about. But it does it in a nice and smooth approach. It's not demeaning or so "in your face" that it's a turn off. It is truly inspiring.

In Coffee with Rhadi, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson's sharp, witty, thought-provoking, and often chooses thought provoking positions on life, diet, business, sport, relationships, winning, and losing to provide the reader with the perfect start to their day.

The book was inspired by and through conversations that Dr. Ferguson has had over several cups of coffee while at home, in airports, and traveling the globe. As a former three-sport NCAA athlete, an Olympian, a retired mixed martial arts fighter, a coach, motivational speaker, and husband and father, I am sure that you will find more than a few "take away" points from this book. If you are looking for an opportunity to be inspired to do more than you thought was possible and to go from ordinary to extraordinary, well, then you have the right book!

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Meet Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian, an author, speaker, former mixed martial arts professional fighter and an award winning judo coach. He is professionally called “The Intellectual Warrior” due to his academic approach as a strategist and tactician. He further staples down this moniker by having served as an Adjunct Professor in the sports science departments of the University of Central Florida and the University of Tampa. Dr. Ferguson also served as the Associate Editor of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts and currently serves as an editorial reviewer for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Dr. Ferguson has been featured on major networks such as Yahoo!, NBC, ESPN and in print media such as UFC Fit Magazine, Ultimate Grappling Magazine, Washington Post and he is a writer for the professional blog ProMMANow.com which is syndicated by the USA Today. Dr. Ferguson has also been published in peer reviewed journals and his motivational speaking and coaching advice can be easily found on his internet show “Coffee With Rhadi” which is a spinoff from his book “Coffee with Rhadi: Herculean Conversations with an Olympian (and some other things that you think about from time to time...)”

In 2013 Dr. Ferguson was selected as 1 of the top 100 Mixed Martial Arts trainers in the world by UFC Fit Magazine. In 2006 he was awarded the USA Judo Coach of the Year Award and that same year he was nominated for the top sports science award issued by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the Doc Counsilman Award. Dr. Ferguson also served as the Athlete Advisory Council representative in for USA Judo and the USOC.

Dr. Ferguson has also served as the Head Coach for the Bahamas Judo Federation where he has coached at the World Judo Championships (2009), the Junior World Championships (2018) and the Cadet World Championships (2009) and had the privilege of developing the first Olympian in the sport of Judo in the Bahamas during his time as Head Coach.

Professionally, Dr. Ferguson holds a 6th degree black belt in Judo. He also holds a 4th Degree black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu which is a background that very few martial artists can proclaim. Dr. Ferguson also holds a doctorate and masters degree in area of education and currently runs, teaches and operates his own dojo in Tampa, Florida, where he coaches, teaches and mentors practitioners at the grassroots level of the art and sport who have been successful on the state and national levels.

Personally, Dr. Ferguson is a “judo parent” of two lovely children and while he coaches them, he still understands and goes through the hardships of being a “judo parent.” Both of his children have been ranked nationally as well as held the #1 ranking spot in the United States in the respective weight classes.

At the end of the day, Dr. Ferguson likes to say that he is “…just a coach and a mentor – nothing more, nothing less.” But the truth is, he is a highly sought out and recognized High Performance Enhancement Specialist centered in education, business and sport. Utilizing his proven background as an Olympian and lecturing motivator to course correct systems, create, modify and engineer curriculum initiatives and construct strategic framework toward improving performance and elevating desired outcomes.

Dr. Ferguson resides in Tampa, Florida and is the proud father two children, Rufus (14) and daughter Rhadi Isabelle (10). Both of whom are former Junior National Judo Champions.  

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Here's What People Are Saying About "Coffee With Rhadi" 


Really great listen, filled to the brim with gems. The only criticism I could think to offer would be that it is so short it leaves you wanting, but he addressed that in the book: I would rather have 2 hrs packed with practical wisdom than not have anything at all. This book has more than one line that spoke to my spirit and motivated me to do more, be more, love more, and serve more. I will be going back through this book again and again. Imma listen to it with my kids, implore my wife to read it with me, and recommend it to everyone I know. There is just sooooo much value!

Thank you, Dr Ferguson, for being obedient, for consistently answering the call to service, for all the sacrifices you make in order to help those of us who are aspiring to be equal to or greater than, and for setting the bar soooooooo high, Sir. I am exceedingly grateful for the blessing that you ARE!!!

- Dimitrius Brown


For those of you who have not heard of Rhadi Ferguson - you should really join the rest of us who have. Rhadi Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian in the sport of judo, a former (unbeaten) professional MMA fighter with Strikeforce, has a PhD in sports science and is the only athlete to have ever competed in The judo Olympics, the World BJJ championships, and the ADCC. Oh and he's probably about the most productive judo coach in the world in regards to online and video instructional series.

in 2009 Rhadi began producing short video clips called "Coffee with Rhadi" on his popular youtube channel. In these he began to lay out his thoughts on how to be successful as well as promoting some of his numerous martial arts and S&C products. The book Coffee with Rhadi is taken directly from these excerpts. It therefore sticks to this subject area, effectively making "Coffee with Rhadi" a self-help book.

As a former full-time elite judoka and Commonwealth judo silver medallist myself Rhadi's views on how to be successful resonated strongly with me. This is not a systematic blueprint for victory but rather a series of small "conversations" on topics such as: learning how to win, categorising your relationships, taking responsibility for your own development and other such things.

Rhadi's tone is informal and very approachable - but the delivery is clear and thought provoking....The informality is also a double edged sword. It makes the book much more approachable and even "unputdownable" but on the other hand, this prevents some of the chapters from having as much structure as they could have. That said, none of those issues prevents me from whole-heartedly recommending it.
I think that fighters and athletes could do worse than invest in this little book. I believe the difference between the elite and the good is actually very small. It's often simply a difference in mindset. This book could be a starting point for you to begin to bridge that gap, or to stay on the right side of it.

- Fergus ITF Fightblog


Being a longtime fan of Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, both in his athletic and speaking career, I was extremely excited to hear that he was compiling a book of "conversations". Not only are his words inspiring, but you truly feel like you're sitting down for a good cup of coffee and conversation with an old friend while reading it.

As a busy mom and wife, who's just embarked on a new career path, I've found that it's extremely easy to fall into that feeling of being overwhelmed or having guilt over things I should be doing, but somehow can't. What I love about Rhadi and his book is that he keeps everything REAL. He's a busy man, too, who admits to having a "Chump Moment" now and then, just like the rest of us.

Rhadi...thank you for your words, and for reminding us all that sometimes we just need to step back, reevaluate the picture, and start with a fresh set of eyes to fulfill our actions. In other words, as stated in his book, "the difference between being a chump and a champ is you." Thank you, Rhadi, for helping me to really understand that sentiment.

- Kristina Zlupko


I have NOT PUT COFFEE WITH RHADI DOWN! Every morning on my train ride to work I read a section of Coffee with Rhadi! Dr. Ferguson's message jumps off the pages....his style of communication is extremely personal you feel as though he's right there talking to you! And what I love the MOST....HE KEEP IT REAL! WE CAN ALL RELATE! His message is NOT complicated it's everyday life it's a reminder to put into ACTION! Since I simply must have Coffee with Rhadi all the time I've even bought the kindle version....I've also recommend to my friends, colleagues, and family!

- Audrey Moore


I liked this book a lot. Rhadi has a very unique look on life and his lessons of "there is always homework to be done" was great. He talks of team work and the need to surround yourself with good positive people to assist in achieving your dreams.

- Matt