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The Armbar Challenge Makes You More Deliberate, Purposeful and Intentional

About Your Armbars

The Armbar Challenge forces you to reflect on your day to day drilling activities. As you share your relationship with the repetitions with others online, you will become more conscious about the type of practitioner you are, and the type you want to be.
Reflecting on the achievements of your classmates and the struggles you have as a Judoka enables you to improve each day.

Hi, I'm 2004 Judo
Olympian, Dr. Rhadi
Ferguson and....

This is my personal invite for you to join 
The Armbar Machine Challenge will make you manage your time better and plan your daily activities in the most efficient way possible so that you can use the early morning or late night hours to become an ARMBAR MACHINE!!!
The Secret To The Juji Gatame Armbar

Whatever you do… don’t ever, ever, ever think that you are too good to train the basic armbar movements and drills.  Solidifying these movements and microdrilling the finishes are what will help you become a bona fide arm hunter. 2x Olympian, Olympic Medalist and former UFC Champion and future UFC Hall of Famer, Ronda Rousey, didn’t get good via magic. She became magical via practice.

What I Learned.....

When I started my career as a judo coach, I was a great polisher. This is not at all abnormal for a world class athlete with good communication skills and the desire to coach. It’s usual for them to be thrown into the top end of the developmental cycle to coach and not into the grassroots coaching realm. I was no different. I could take somebody who already had the raw materials in place, who already had some sort of development, and shine them up and polish them; help them become a champion, help them become an Olympian, help them win worlds, help them win national championships, and I was able to do this because I was a great polisher.

But, when I became a grassroots level coach and started coaching with the Bahamas Judo Federation in 2009, coaching inside schools, putting together school programs, putting together dojo programs around the country, and doing the same thing for myself in Tampa, I had to learn how to become a manufacturer – and more so when I had my son and my daughter. I had to learn about total athletic development with respect to human development. I had to learn how to develop someone from the initial stages of nothingness and help them become something. And this is when I discovered the secret of "complex simplicity." And it's what I'm going to share with you.
Look!  I know that You have the desire to IMPROVE and do BIG THINGS on the mat...
But, a few simple things are holding you back...and you aren't improving as quickly as you’d like or you are just "stuck."
Which Is Why


Here’s The TRUTH:

Being a newaza specialist isn’t always easy.
In fact, trying to juggle a quality balance between tachiwaza (standing techniques) and newaza (ground techniques) can be quite challenging at times. But, you can’t let the difficulty of the juggling act get you down. Focusing on one, for a time make the other one weak while you're strengthening your whole overall game. You may have to think creatively about your time on the mat, but you can overcome the challenges that arise. And I will help you like I've helped so many others.
Since I started training and coaching seriously I learned that finding time to get the repetitions in doesn’t happen automatically. It’s not something you can fit into the schedule once and then have it repeat itself on auto pilot.
No, you've got to prioritize this time. I create a plan for my time. I’ve got to consistently make time for "the reps." And YOU DO TOO!
As a fellow Armbar Machine,  you have to figure out the fine line between doing the necessary reps and balancing out the rest of your life.
It’s a challenge.
There are judoka who try to make their whole life about judo.  And if you are trying to go the Olympics, there's no way around that.  But if you want to incorporate the training practices of the Olympians, the mindset of Olympians and get coached by a person who has trained Olympians then you are in the right place. And we can provide that balance for you and the proper training for you to improve at a faster and more efficient rate.

Best Part?

My coaching programs are a hit, that create satisfied and returning customers, every single time. Now, I want to help you like I've helped thousands of others become machine like in newaza.... I'm going to turn you into an ARMBAR MACHINE!


What if you had ALL armbar challenge reps done, strategically, in just a few minutes per day? Well that’s what THIS challenge is designed to do!

Here’s How
It Works

1. You will be invited into a private Facebook Group
2. 99% of the communication will be done in the facebook group. The other 1% via email

3. You will be provided with the videos and instruction that you need daily.

4. Your interaction will determine your success

Each day for the next 21 days...
I’ll send you a quick instruction video where I’ll challenge you to do the reps.  I will also coach you through a private facebook group. And you will improve like nobody's business. You will watch your ground game, and more specifically, your armbar capabilities just skyrocket.. And that’s it!
...and nope, they do NOT need to be perfect! They need to get done and they will get perfect as you go!

This is NOT going to be a


like every other course out there teaching Armbars and Submissions...

Instead, we’re going to leverage on my #1 secret (that took me year to
figure out), we’re going to create a drilling system for the 3 PHASES of The ARMBAR to Turn You Into An Armbar Machine:



Objective :  Awareness


"Getting Tight"
How To Manipulate, Reduce and Eliminate SPACE!

Objective :  Immobilization


The Terms of Engagement

Objective :  Recognizing When To "Stay" and When To "Go"

You’ll have 1 Armbar That You Will Be Training per phase, 3 in total in just 21 days!

If you want a car to go faster, you don't keep pressing on the gas pedal.  In order to make it go faster, you have to go under the hood and fix the parts that aren't causing it to work efficiently.  If you follow the program and do the reps, I ASSURE you that all of your armbars will get better, that you will become an armbar machine and that you will feel more confident about your ability to finish.

Just Check Out What These People Had To Say About The Armbar Challenge!

"..this was an excellent investment of my time and to be honest the monetary cost of was a bargain. I have improved dramatically physically and mentally. I have the confidence in my technique.." - Dr. Fajardo

I was never an arm bar guy. I mostly preferred shoulder locks. I decided to try this challenge to basically push myself out of my comfort zone. I have learned a long time ago to listen to the experts. At first the affective reps seemed strange since it is not something I typically practice. However, Dr. Ferguson has never steered me wrong so I listened. I did notice after saying them many times it did have an effect. It did pump me up psychologically. I would do some affective reps before doing the physical reps to get it in the proper mindset for practice. I also noticed that the more I watched the cognitive reps the more engaged I became. At first my attention was drawn to the flashy flying armbars. As time progressed I found myself more interested in the arm bars where there was a scramble but one guy got the arm, controlled it, and then moved into position to execute the arm bar. Particularly the ones by Asari.

I would stop and study these scrambles. For the physical reps, I struggled at first trying to get the technique from the mount. Some of the struggles were my 52 year old hips trying to get S-mount. In the past I have talked myself out of doing things but I was not going to this time. I had set myself a goal of doing 100 reps in one session by the end of challenge. Doing these reps everyday improved my technique rapidly. I blew away the 100 reps in the second week, although they were from the guard and not the mount. So in the third week I would split guard and mount reps. I noticed that the repetitive movements improved the mobility in my hip and I did not struggle as much with the S mount (this was an unexpected, but welcome change). I went from slowly doing reps to it almost becoming a flow state. I would go faster, but when I did not get a rep correctly it would feel off. Thanks to the detailed instruction provided by Dr. Ferguson I could quickly analyze where it went wrong and correct it in the next rep.

Overall, this was an excellent investment of my time and to be honest the monetary cost of was a bargain. I have improved dramatically physically and mentally. I have the confidence in my technique not due to cockiness but because I put in the practice. I have been solo training since the outbreak and to be honest it was pretty half assed with no focus and only physical reps. The deliberate practice, the keeping track of your progress, the affective reps, and cognitive reps really help to skyrocket my confidence in this technique that practice is not just drilling technique. My practices are now purposeful. Having someone as experienced as Dr. Ferguson helping you get better is an opportunity I don't think anyone should pass up. His guidance and encouragement does influence your practice. One thing he said was (I am paraphrasing) was "any reps is better than no reps". So last night I was helping my wife with some household stuff and it got late. It was after midnight and I was about to go to bed. I had not done any reps and the challenge was already over. I told myself that I could not go to bed without doing any reps. In the past I would told myself it is ok and just go to bed. I only did 10 reps from mount, but I felt like I did something instead of nothing.

I enjoyed the challenge so much and found it so worthwhile that I am going to continue on my own and look to incorporate other drills from "The Armbar Bootcamp" (I highly recommend it) as well. Unfortunately I am not able to live roll yet, but I feel my dojo buddies are going to be in for quite a surprise when I return. I will most definitely participate in any other challenges that Dr. Ferguson runs and if you want a world class coach and a great experience you should too.

- Dr. Daniel Fajardo

"the Armbar Challenge has been absolutely phenomenal" -
Dr. Gino Collura

Working on both the Matwork Magic Coaching Program as well as the Armbar Challenge has been absolutely phenomenal.

I’ve grown a profound appreciation for the affective reps as I have never done them before. Having a cadence to cite that made me focus 100% on the task at hand aligned itself very well with executing the physical reps. Historically, I’ve always defaulted to the rear naked choke when it comes to submission hunting but with my participation in the armbar challenge and MMCP, Juji Gatame has become my go-to.

It is a direct result of the volume of reps that I have put in and being able to identify the appropriate timing and what my “go time” is (when I control the arm). Thanks for a fantastic challenge Dr. Ferguson

Dr. Gino Collura

"a very valuable approach to being an armbar machine" -
Coach Sean Knox

The mental mindset was and is a very valuable approach to being an armbar machine. Approaching the armbar from a cognitive viewpoint gave me the understanding of what an "armbar machine" looks like. This approach has so much carry over and I am a better practitioner and coach as a result. Thank you all for sharing your discoveries and insightful feedback. I look forward to the next challenge.

Coach Sean Knox

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Rhadi Ferguson in the 1st Round of the 2004 Olympics

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